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Le petit train luchonnais - Bagnères de Luchon

Water and the light, the rock and pure air: it is the secrecy of a style and an art of living. That of Luchon where the discovery of each element is the ultimate reward of the wellbeing. Luchon with known to be based on an experiment of several centuries in order to develop a single environment. Located at the heart of the Pyrenees, with 630 meters of altitude, in a valley free from any pollution and with the shelter of the dominant winds, Luchon profits from a climate of average mountain thanks to the importance of the surrounding forest solid mass. The " Queen of the Pyrenees ". Born into 25 before J.C under name " ILIXON ", it lived six centuries during, thanks to hydrotherapy. She sank thereafter under the blow of the cruel invasions and many plunderings...

  • 1759: The Baron d' Etigny starts again hydrotherapy and attracts men of reputation then: Louis-Napoleon, Hugo, Lamartine, Dumas, Rostand, Flaubert...
  • 1848: The current thermal baths were built by Chambert after the fire which destroyed the establishment of origin..
Le petit train luchonnais - Bagnères de Luchon

The multitude of the curists and tourism involved the creation of a casino (fine the 19 2nd century), of a gaming room, a theatre, and many hotels of luxury (19 2nd century). The city was thus with its apogee at the 19 2nd century.

Today fourth French thermal spa, Luchon preserved the romantic charm of the end of last century. Dominated by a superb mountainous amphitheatre, the alleys of Etigny lead to the thermal complex. Water: they are sodic sulphuretted sources, whose temperatures lie between 65 and 73°. They treat the diseases of the respiratory tracts, as well as articular problems. This famous VAPORARIUM is single in Europe: it is a natural hammam dug in the rock. The thermal baths are open from April to October.

Le petit train luchonnais - Bagnères de Luchon - Ville Sportive

Luchon, sporting city

From its privileged situation, Luchon makes it possible all to you to practise your favorite sport: Golf, Tennis, Parapente, Canoe-Kayak, Rafting, Horsemanship, Vtt. The winter, fit skis or rackets, you are with the foot of the tracks !

Le petit train luchonnais - Bagnères de Luchon - Ville Festive

Luchon, great city

Among the many festivals, Luchon will make you divide throughout the year, such as the festival of film of Luchon, the night markets, the turn of France and many others. The festival of the flowers punctuates the estival season while paying homage to the famous writer "Edmond Rostand".

Le petit train luchonnais - Bagnères de Luchon - Ville Thermale

Luchon, Thermal city

Located at 630 metres height, in a beautiful sunny valley, Luchon invites you for a relaxing stay at his thermal baths.